Calendar for Trello

Manage all your tasks in a convenient calendar view

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Make your calendar

Open Trello and create a calendar for each of your boards.
Simple as that.

Perfect! Love at first sight. What a brilliant extension – and so well designed I would think it was made by Trello if I didn't know better. Hugely impressed. Perfectly integrated, no-brainer extension that makes Trello 10 times more efficient!
This is definitely a must add integration with Trello. Trellius integrates with Trello so nicely, that it feels like a native feature of Trello. The advantage of Trellius over the Trello calendar is that you can view your calendar and tasks at the same time and drag things into the calendar
This is a godsend. This Trello extension are exactly the timekeeper-organizer I have fantasized about and never found
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